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Rules and Regulations


1.     Students are hereby informed that they should comply strictly with the GO.Rt. 1043/2002/H.Edn. dated 02-08-02 and the judgement of Hon. High Court of Kerala OP No. 35376/2000J and 4010/2002B, regarding maintaining the college   premises   exclusively   for   the   academic purposes. They are cautioned that erecting hoardings or boards and banners inside the campus is a punishable offence under the law and strict action will be taken agianst those who violate the rules.

2.     Political activism is strictly banned in the campus. Students are not allowed to organise or attend meetings other than the official ones, without the prior consent from the Principal. Those students who resort to strikes or undertake procession should intimate the matter in writing to the principal, seeking his permission, before resorting to such activities. However they are not allowed to enter the classes.

3.     No person from outside is allowed to organise meeting or meet students in group inside the college campus.

4.     Students are to be modest in their behavior to the teachers. They are to greet him/her with courteous words at the beginning and end of each session.

5.    No student is normally permitted to enter or leave the class room during the teaching session unless on emergency with the consent of the teacher or principal.

6.    The library is well equipped for the benefit of the students and ample facilities are provided to accommodate students during their free hours. They are expected to make maximum use of it.

7.    Nothing is more appreciated in a student than courteous and mannerly behavior. They should show due respect to their teachers and others in the college. They should greet them when they meet them inside or

outside the campus.

8.    Students are expected to be modestly dressed. They have to maintain decorum in their dress and general behavior.

9.    Students should not be found with tucked up dothies in the college premises.

10.  Students are not allowed to enter the Principal’s cabin in large numbers or with a petition in mass. If they have a genuine problem, let it be brought forth by their representatives.

11.  The  students  should  handle  the  property  of  the  college  with care. No marking, painting etc. shall be made on the furniture or the apparatus of the college.

12.  No notices/pamphlets or petitions of any kind shall be circulated among the students without the permission of the Principal.

13.  No meeting, procession or function shall be conducted in the college without the permission of the Principal.

14.  As per the Govt. order number RT 346/05 dtd. 01-03-05 of the higher education department, materialising the Governor’s order, an ethical committee is constituted in the college with the Principal as the chairman, the Vice President of PTA as Vice Chairman, the Staff Secretary as Convener and the chairman of the college union as joint convener, to restrict the misuse of information technology. As a result students are forbidden from using mobile phones or camera phones.They are also restricted from  performing cinematic dance and conducting fashion shows that borders on obscenity.

15.  Smoking,   chewing,   snuffing   and   other   unholy   practices   are

strictly prohibited in the campus.

16.  Irregular attendance, insubordination to teachers, indifference in class, habitual mischief making, obscenity in deeds or words are sufficient reason for suspension or dismissal of a student from the college.

17.  Malpractice in the test papers and the examinations will also result in the dismissal of the students.

The Principal is the final authority in the interpretation of the byelaws of the college. He reserves the right to frame and enforce rules governing the conduct of the student in class room and in the campus.